Friend/Family Top Up

  • Just curious, in your FAQ's there is a question and answer
    'Can a friend/family member top up my account?'
    Yes. However not in cash.

    Can you elaborate on this? Does this mean that you will accept payment from a third party bank transfer, onto my Neat card?
    And why not cash? Isn't cash top up just depositing money via ATM and forwarding on the receipt - could someone not do this and send me a picture of the receipt to upload in the app?

    Sorry if I'm being silly, just curious!

  • Yes, a third party can make a bank transfer to your account.

    For cash top-ups, if they can pass you the actual receipt and you can take a pic of the original it is fine. If they cannot do this and they will for example WhatsApp you the receipt, you can e-mail it to us and we can still process the top-up, but in some cases it may take 1 day longer to prevent fraud.

  • Ah, you use an in-app camera to take a picture of it - I understand now!
    Thanks for the quick feedback!

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