Neat Business - corporate cards & current account

  • We are working on a business solution at the moment that will be launched in a few months time 😄

    It will consist of 3 parts:
    1). Corporate cards for you & your team members including easy expense management
    2). Business current account to pay and receive money
    3). Manage your finances seamlessly and integrate with accounting software, payroll etc.

    Similar to the personal accounts, it will be all digital.

    You can register for early access & give us feedback through the below link:

    Of course feel free to also leave your comments here as well. Thanks!

  • That's great news! A few questions:

    1. Will you provide a SWIFT code and account number, unique for each business current account?
    2. Will the current account be under the name of the business? (I'm interested in this because this is a requirement for withdrawing Paypal's money)
    3. I don't think Neat will become a licensed bank, so I guess you'll need to partner with a bank, is that right? If yes, which bank, and will the application process be the same as your bank partner?

    Thank you.

  • @elfenlied67

    1. Yes, we are working on this
    2. Not to begin with
    3. The onboarding process will remain completely digital and compliant with Hong Kong regulations. More about this once we launch.

  • It's actually a great news :)
    Do you have an ETA for the business solution ?
    Thank you

  • @Cliaret We have built an MVP and are testing with the very first few companies at the moment. We will slowly invite more businesses who have signed up on our website.

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