Hiring: Full stack developer

  • We are looking for a full stack developer to be responsible for the development of our client-facing financial products. You will be part of the team that creates and operates modern technology to support our growing numbers of users.

    We’re building a multi-currency current account. We offer multi-currency cards with great exchange rates. Free and instant transfers between Neat users. Local and international payments. Automatic categorisation of expenses for better money management. All from an easy to use mobile app.


    • Be responsible for developing, expanding, and scaling our frontend products
    • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases
    • Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them to operations and activities

    Skills & Requirements

    • Modern front-end frameworks and libraries (Angular, React)
    • Java (Android) or Swift (iOS)
    • AWS infrastructure and deployment
    • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices
    • Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development
    • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills
    • Strong organisational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets with business acumen
    • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques.

    Send us a message at igor@neat.hk if you are interested

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