Merchants that do not accept prepaid cards

  • While the Neat MasterCard is accepted in 300,000+ locations worldwide, there are a few merchants that we have found so far that do not generally accept prepaid cards. We are working with them to get them to accept Neat. Please let us know if you have encountered any problems while using Neat, we will talk to the merchant to try and get them to accept our card.

    Merchants we know of so far:

    • Uber (you can link your card to PayPal and use it like that)
    • Amazon (depending on country/shop/services, mostly works).
    • Lyft
    • Linking card to PayPal -- this should now work
    • EA Origin
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Andertons

  • May I know are there end to end approach to all merchant? It is hard to contact every merchant to use this technology. May I know are there any payment gateway accept this payment method like worldpay or easypay??

  • Since we are on the MasterCard network, every merchant that accepts MasterCard will typically accept Neat, except for a few exceptions of which we will keep track here! So far, after trying out the card at hundreds of merchants these are the only ones we've found.

  • I'm sure you're looking at it - is Apple Pay integration a possibility with a prepaid MasterCard in Hong Kong?

  • @nelsonmckey yes, it's technically possible to integrate with prepaid cards, but this will take a while and unfortunately I cannot yet give you a sure answer on whether we will do this as there is a certain cost involved as well. Will keep you updated!

  • Managed to link my Neat card to PayPal successfully and made my first payment via Neat/PayPal.

    However, there are some undisclosed spending limits until the card is confirmed. When you click "Confirm card", it says "card not accepted".

  • Hi, Electronic Arts Origin gaming service doesn't accept the card, it's a big franchise. They sell a lot of big games

  • Just confirmed, EA's Origin ( says this when trying to add a Neat card:

    Your request could not be processed.
    We're unable to verify this credit card.

    Also, Microsoft's Azure service doesn't accept the Neat card.

  • @Anton @TopEngage thanks, I've contacted their support, I need to see whether it's them blocking prepaid cards or whether it's an issue on our card issuer's side.

  • I wonder why would online services like Amazon, EA origin don't accept Neat card... maybe you didn't have enough balance? Or you're purchasing with your US-account? If you're purchasing with an US-account, or overseas account, they may not accept a HK-issued card. This is not related to Neat card.

    If you open an HK account and pay with the Neat card, they may accept it. Just a thought.

  • @Link1001 Indeed there is no reason for them not to accept... Of course with non pre-determined prices there are some concerns (though there are ways to make it work).

    EA just told me that they only accept US or Canada issued prepaid cards, which doesn't make much sense as there is no difference. We'll talk to their payments team.

  • @Anton For Azure I think there is unfortunately not much chance they will accept prepaid as they do not accept it at all in any country, under any circumstance (with all other companies listed above they make exceptions for certain countries, cards etc).

  • @iris_neat I kind of understand why EA doesn't want to deal with prepaid cards except US or Canada. It is way too easy to buy Russian or EU-issued prepaid Visa cards using bitcoin or stolen money, which creates AML issues for the merchant.

  • I just tried NEAT card with HSBC PayMe Service. It is not accepted.

  • @Anton weird. I can't link my NEAT card to my PayPal account. it said "not accepted/declined by issuer". :/

  • Our issuer is working on fixing PayPal this should be done anytime now. We will keep this topic updated.

  • Great news! Linking neat card to PayPal ought to solve Uber issue. Then we can use Paypal as payment option in the Uber app.

  • China Unicom ( uses SAGE as payment provider and they do not accept my neat card for top up of my prepaid SIM card.
    You should find the declined payment of 10 GBP in your system @iris_neat

  • I have successfully connected the NEAT card to my PayPal account. I haven't yet made a PayPal payment yet but it seems now that it works.

  • @idioteque Connected but not verified, right? I couldn't verify the card, which removes some limits, but it still doesn't prevent me from paying with it.

  • @Anton Nah, connected AND verified. I got the confirmation code right away through iOS notification. Now I just have to find something to pay with my PayPal account. :D

  • OK, found another site which had a problem with the Neat card:

    When I add the card, it is successfully authorized (I get an SMS about a $0.00 charge), but when it's time for the actual payment, the card is declined. Retried several times.

  • @idioteque You're right, probably PayPal changed their mind somehow. I've retried just now and the card is successfully verified in PayPal.

  • Our issuer should now have enabled PayPal :D It works for us but please help us test and let us know if you encounter any issues.

  • I currently cannot seem to use the card to top up my Starbucks account through their app, which is weird as I'm quite sure I've done that before.

  • Same when topping up through their site. Jusy checked: indeed I topped up a number of times, last time in March.

  • @bao_hongkong am checking with their CS. Wonder if it has to do with their app, see many reviews in the app store of people having payments issues.

  • That was my first guess but on the site I had the same problem. Just tried again on my computer (desktop site) and still the same problem.

    However, if as you say many issues are reported, it may indeed be on their side.

    I will contact them from my side, can you try to do the same from yours?

  • @bao_hongkong Yes, have done so, but haven't heard back. Will keep this updated.

  • Iris, Starbucks contacted me today and told me that following an "upgrade" of their systems, they now cannot accept certain cards anymore, and advised me to try with another card.

    I explained that I have no other card and asked them to "upgrade" their system again (or "downgrade", "retrograde", "biodegrade"or whatever grade they like), but it didn't sound like this is going to happen soon.

    I hope you can be more successful :)

  • I'm counting my days till my josurney to Hongkong und I hope I can use neat very often. Can I pay with neat directly in Starbucks? Have you tried this?

  • @eandree Yes you can definitely use your card in Starbucks :). The issue we were discussing above is related to their app (for which I still didn't get a good answer from them).

  • @eandree For some reason, when I'm in Starbucks I always pay cash :) but I'll give it a try and let you know.

    The thing is that Starbucks now supports remote orders, so you can order ahead, walk in and pick it up (and skipping the line, yay). For those cases, it would be nice to be able to also charge your account remotely of course, or else it will defeat the whole purpose.

  • Yes, I know pre-order service. But here the only way is to pay it with credit card.
    I will tr neat soon.

  • To answer the above question on Starbucks acceptance:

    • top-up today with Neat in the Starbucks store, no problem at all
    • top-up just now with Neat online (Starbucks site this time): refused.

  • @bao_hongkong Starbucks told me they recently changed their system, they only allow checkout with verification code which our card issuer does not support at the moment. There are many websites that use SecureCode but normally if websites require this and detect the card is not compatible it will "override" and not ask for it. So for the moment cannot change anything about it; they told me to top up the account (by card) in the store.

  • I have tried those :

  • I've tried it on Playstation network, without success, a umber of times.

  • And to the above: yes, google and amazon were both fine and great.

  • @bao_hongkong strange, PS has worked for other users, we'll look into it, in the meantime I believe PlayStation store accepts PayPal so I'd suggest adding your Neat card to PayPal and using that option.

  • Thx Iris. I was just going to reply myself after some searching online: it would appear that the Playstation acceptance of cards is extremely funky:

    PSN rejects many payment cards that are valid elsewhere for a number of reasons. It is not an accident. It is completely intentional. If the billing addresses of the cards do not match the registered home address of your PSN account, then there is no chance that PSN will accept them. PSN also rejects international credit cards, most debit cards, cards from online banks that have not verified your billing address with postal mail, cards from banks that don't support the AVS address verification protocol; and several other more obscure reasons. If your card does not work, then you have to use another form of payment.

    So... forget it. Thx!

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