Top up through bank card

  • Hi. I think Neat is plain and simply brilliant. So well done. The one thing which would be on top of wish list is the ability to top up using a debit or credit card. Transferring from my existing bank account to neat is super expensive, its not limited to a transaction fee but also involves the bank determining its exchange rate for the transaction. As you know via Visa or MasterCard the exchange rates are more realistic. It would be brilliant if you made that possible. I know there is a Visa/MasterCard transaction fee, but I would even be willing on that being charged back to me, simply because it is still more cost effective than going the bank account route. Thanks

  • We will add card top-ups soon :) but indeed we will need to charge a fee since the costs are quite high, it's not only the Visa/MasterCard fee but also payment processing fee.

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