No message field in bank transfer

  • Hi.. I'm trying to top up my neat account from boc... Which is same as neat bank.. But there is no such field call "message". So I can't put my card number on the transfer..
    Does neat plan to add more top up method in short term?

  • Actually quite a few banks in HK unfortunately do not support message fields. What we do is we match the transfer by name, so normally if you transfer from a bank account in your own name with for example Hang Seng e-transfer (no message) we will add it to your account. If someone else tops up for you, it's best to let us know if you're not sure if your bank supports message. BOC though is the only exception where unfortunately because of their system they do not show any names for transfers from BOC > BOC... :( In this case, you can either e-mail us transfer receipt / screen shot or take a picture of this in the cash top-up page of the app.

    In addition, yes one of the top up methods that will be launched very soon is linking your bank account from within the Neat App. You can then pull money from your bank account without having to leave the App. We are also looking at other additional methods :).

  • BOC to BOC does not even show any names??
    Amazing. Just amazing, how bad banks perform from a service perspective.

    I've had similar experiences in other countries (my customer in Suriname had to match bank statements to payments and just had to guess in a similar way) but Hong Kong deserves a special mention. Which is especially interesting as it's supposed to be a financial center... right? :D

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