How long does it take for your money to arrive once you topped up?

  • Hey all, how long does it take everyone for their money to arrive on their card once you have topped up?

    For me, a first time user - topped up cash via atm in the morning and currently waiting on the 6th hour to use the card as funds has not been received hoping it will come in soon as this method is taking way too long.

  • Top-ups will reach your account by 6.30 pm if we receive it by 4.00 pm on a business day. You can find all details here:

    We definitely realize that convenience / speed for topping up is an issue and we are working hard on additional top-up methods!

  • Thanks Iris, noted and perhaps will have to use Neat again once theres an improved method , for now may use an alternative provider. Thanks :)

  • @William you have to know neat card issuer doesnt have a real time top up service , how can Neat have this service ?
    Neat is like a cobrand with epaylink, anyone can do like neat , sometimes , I don't understand why neat will want to do this prepaid credit card business .
    Other brand like tapngo, it holds prepaid card lisence itself , this will have more flexibity .
    If one day , Neat has its only lisence , I think Neat can do more . Like Apple Pay , epaylink doesn't have Apple Pay , how would u expect Neat being a cobrand under Epaylink will have Apple Pay ?

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