Export transactions

  • We have now added a feature to export your transactions to CSV. This will be useful if you need to manage (company) expenses or make life of your accountants easier!

    You can find the export button on the top left corner of the “Transactions” screen.

  • @iris_neat

    don't know what went wrong but i can't send the csv file through email. i have to airdrop it to my mac.

  • Thank you, it worked (almost) perfectly for me. There's a bit of struggle as always with CSV and comma's: eg the following descriptions were mangled while importing it in Excel, but nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of patient editing.

    """Refund from PP*9227CODE\89 Neil Road"," #03-01\4029357"""
    """7-Eleven"," HK (1207)"""

  • @bao_hongkong We'll look into it, maybe a workaround, when I sent it to my gmail and clicked Open with Google Sheets everything was perfectly formatted and can copy to Excel from there.

  • 0_1496647534006_neat spreadsheet.png

    Hi Iris, see above screenshot from Google Spreadsheet: I used your trick, but still the same. I'll send you my CSV, so you can play with it a bit; I fixed the problem manually by removing the excess quotes in a text editor (once the description is in quotes, the comma is fine).

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