Foreign Currencies Purchase

  • Hello,

    Quick question about withdrawing money abroad with the Neat card.

    • Does the service need to be activated?
    • The Fees page stated that there is a 1.5% cut for foreign currency purchase, how does it actually works? Like this --> I withdraw 2000TWD in Taiwan, I will be charged ~HK517$ + HK7.5 ($1.5% of 517$) = HK524.5$, is it?

    Thanks in advance,

  • There is no need to activate foreign currency purchases.

    The exchange rate we use is the MasterCard rate (, this is mostly the same as market rate. You can check the website to easily check what you will be charged (fill out 1.5% for bank rate). So yes, for 2000 TWD it'd be HK$524.48 (for today's rate) for shopping in a store or online. For cash withdrawal, there is an additional 2.5% charge, which is what we get charged by the network see for all fees.

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