Articel in Neat-blog and How many customers does neat have?

  • I read your blog-post "Why it’s so difficult to get a credit card or open a bank account in Hong Kong". It was very interesting for me to read this.
    I'm generally intrested in banking and financing in countries which I will visit. So I read some articels about "how to open an account in HK" or "How to get a credit card in HK". It seems to be unpossible to Open an account in HK and to get a Credit Card there. Then I found NEAT and tried to get a credit card. I was sure, after all the articels, that will be not possible with my abroad adress and with my not HKID or HKPassport. But I had no problem at all. It was a good experience for me. So it is a great product. After your blog-post and some other articels I think that neat will have thousands of customers soon.

    So just for intrest, is it possible to say how many (lucky) customers you have here at neat? So maybe you should also offer current accounts. Do you make marketing in HK? I think "everyone" needs neat, or?

  • We are bringing in new customers every single day at Neat, and we are very happy about this!

    Currently, marketing is not really our focus as we want to make sure that resources are put in the right place, ensuring that existing customers have enough care and support before moving on.

    To give you an exciting update, Neat has recently launched a current account for businesses ( Even though its for business users only at this stage, we are hoping to see how things go and potentially offer a current account for individual. Stay in tuned!

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