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    According to the information in Google Play, Neat is supposed to be a current account.

    I thought Neat was a internet-based bank with cheques for the current account.

    Will we ever get real account numbers and ability to write checks, receive interbank transfers, T/T, Mail-in or in-person deposit, and Remote Deposit?

    I'm sick of the lackluster service levels and nuisance of visiting the brick & mortar banks.

    Fully internet-based banks is very common overseas.

  • Yes, most of the things you mentioned are definitely things we're working on :)!

    • Individual account numbers. This will obviously allow you to receive transfers or cheques. We do allow you right now to get transfers from third-parties, like your clients, friends or family, but they will need to transfer to the ePayLinks number, so we do understand the benefit of having individual account numbers
    • Transferring out of the Neat account to other bank accounts in Hong Kong or abroad

    Unless there is a big customer demand and it's an absolute must I would rather not get into allowing users to write cheques from Neat as it defeats the point of being truly mobile.

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