App login/signup 6 digits password

  • is 6 digits password secure enough?
    I want to try, but I am quite afraid to register.

  • I think it is secure enough. I personally have locked my smartphone and must open it with a secure code or finger print, then I start neat-app and again I have to open it with secure code or fingerprint. so 2 Log-in-steps necessary. In my opinion, thats more then enough.

  • There are 1 million combinations with 6 digit password and after 5 unsuccessful attempts, the accounts gets frozen for a period of time to prevent brute force attacks. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to guess the password and login to the app. Apple iPhone uses a similar technique with their login password.

  • @eandree you are correct if it is local password. But it is a web account, can call API to brute force.

  • @igor looks like when hacker try 1M account, there is on average 5 account can login.

    iPhone use such technique, but iCloud won't allow 6 digits only, right?

  • @tryneat I did not find a web login.

  • @tryneat We have enabled techniques to prevent brute force attacks. We also currently do not offer web access, only mobile which is generally more secure.

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