Split bills

  • Allow for easy bill splitting between people.

  • Yes, am planning a trip with a group of people and easy bill splitting would be convenient. It'd require:

    • Requesting money from people instead of only sending
    • Inputting the amount and able to select multiple people who participated in the transaction + change the shares (maybe one person needs to pay for herself and her friend or needs to pay custom amount).
    • Perhaps also the ability to create groups so that if you travel with a group or have a group of colleagues that you often go for lunch with, you can in one tap select all the members of that group and don't need to find them one by one

    Another solution for group trips could be a group sub-account for the trip where everyone can deposit some money into in advance and then the payment comes from that sub-account, though this might be a bit hard to implement, but would be convenient as you don't need to input or request transactions one by one.

  • @iris_neat Cool idea, just like whatsapp groups but for money.

  • Iris, the BUNQ-Bank from Neatherlands offers a really great service to split/share money.
    Maybe this an Idea how you can implement this feature. It is a great feature to split restaurants bills with friends@iris_neat

  • @eandree Yes, we know and really like the Slice app from Bunq! What do you think about the fact they create another app though for this function?

  • @iris_neat I had a lot of discussions with my friends if it is good or not to have slice in a separate app. Some of them prefer it to have a separate app. I prefer to have anything in one app.

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