Allow also a "," on the payment tab and show amounts with "," as decimal mark

  • The settings off my iPhone are German Language and as Region also Germany.
    When I now use the P2P-function, the numeric keyboard which appears after touching the amount field, does only offer me a "," and not a "."

    This means it is not possible to transfer for example 5,50 (5.50 HKD), because the the amount field need a "." as decimal mark to insert the cents. But the "." is not available because of region settings.
    So it is necessary to change language AND region to solve the problem.

    I have the following ideas:

    • Support also a "," when the settings of the phone are not English
    • Support a Switch (example: like the Touch-ID or Dark Theme Switcher) in the "profile" area which enables the "," function, so everyone can decide.
      If this function is switched-on, all amounts are shown in the following way 1.000,50 (instead of 1,000.50) and p2p is possible with "," for Cents.

  • This is also true for phones with a Russian locale, which uses a comma instead of a dot for decimals.

  • Great, you fixed it. Now Decimalsystem is connected with the region settings. Looks good

  • @eandree @Anton np, please let us know if there are any other issues

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