Transfers to other bank accounts

  • We're exploring the options for transferring to other bank accounts. Would this be a must-have feature for you? How many transfers do you make each month? Only inside Hong Kong or international too?

  • For me, to use Neat as my only account this would be a must. Though I don't make many transfers (partially because I don't like online banking here), usually only one, to may landlord.

  • In my opinion it is a must to make transfers to HK and international accounts and also to receive money directly from banks (not via Epaylinks)

  • @iris_neat I saw that you guys sent out a survey regarding this idea. Do you have any timeline for implementing this? It would be extremely useful!

  • Yes, it'll be great to have this feature.

  • It is not a must, but it would be very nice. If I would have this feature, I could switch to Neat as my primary option and start receiving payments directly to Neat.

  • It's very much awaited on my side, that I can stop using my HSBC account to pay some bills, the rent...etc.

  • So there's 2 things

    1). international transfers -- about which we sent out the survey
    2). domestic transfers

    We are quite certain that we will offer both of these and we are already working on it, but we cannot give an exact timeline yet. We won't build everything from scratch and that means that we will need to work with different partners, which makes it a bit harder to estimate. We'll keep you updated!

  • I missed that part of the question.

    1. HK would be great
    2. International at a reasonable price would be GREAT, especially to the Euro area. Strangely enough the costs of those were absolutely disgusting.

  • awesome :)

  • @bao_hongkong
    For International Transfers I'm using transferwise and Azimo. Transferwise has ver fair fees. It will be possible for neat to integrate it in there services and customize it in their own style

  • @eandree yes these are definitely great services, the issue for people in HK is that these services do not at the moment allow for transferring out of HK (only into), which is why the options here are a bit more limited. Of course for us we definitely want to allow transferring out of HK when it comes to international transfers, for a fair rate.

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