Record of (cash) deposits

  • Just did my first top-up and now waiting for the funds to appear in the balance. Got a question though, after uploading the deposit slip, is there any proof or record that said I have done it?

  • At the moment we unfortunately don't show a record, however, if you get to confirmation screen (see pasted below) it means we have received the slip. You can always contact us at if you are worried something went wrong.

    There are 2 things that we are working on:

    1). Show record of deposit slips

    This is something we can and will do soon.

    2). Show all top-ups

    We definitely want to show all your top-ups in for example the "income tab" after they have been completed, but for this we are more dependent on our regulated partner to change their system as they are actually the ones holding the funds and allocating funds to our users. So it's a little bit harder for us to give an estimate of when we will have this features compared to features we can fully develop ourselves.

    Confirmation screen:


  • Great. Thanks for the reply!

    I did it in a hurry early this morning while I was still not exactly awake. But I do remember having seen this confirmation screen before. So everything is fine I think.

  • For me is one of the most important features to have the possibility to see top ups in the income tab.
    Is it planned in the future that you will become a regulated "Service"?

  • @eandree we don't have any short term plans to become regulated ourselves as this process takes long and has certain capital requirements.

    On showing the top-ups, even though I mentioned we're waiting for our partner to change it, we are definitely aware it's a very important feature for our users and we are pushing them to do it.

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