Spending Limit Feature on the Neat App

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for taking your time on reading this. I would like some feedback on what you believe my idea may be worthwhile and if it will contribute to those of you who may find this particular idea useful on the Neat App.

    My idea was to add an option to manage your spending. This can be within a day,week or a month. As I am sure, everyone may feel they want to impulsively spend their money without much thought at some point. This option can be managed in the Profile section below at 'Account'. I haven't exactly thought of a name for this option yet which is why I wanted some feedback or suggestions.


    If you were to turn on the option of manage the amount of money you can spend within a month, for example perhaps $500 HKD max. As either your pocket money or payment for your job is $1000. This will allow you to spend a certain limit knowing that you should be saving your money and not over spending on what you earn.

    Please let me know in the comment section below on your thoughts on this, Thank you.

  • We're actually planning on adding more budgeting features. What we are thinking of as of now:

    • Set targets for different categories and overall on what you want to spend per (probably) month or week
    • The app will show you whether you are on track and how much you can still spend that day/week/month

    However, we weren't really thinking of making this a hard limit (as in the card would actually not work after) as it can be quite inconvenient

  • Can I just use the "block card" button on the last page of the app to lock my card occasionally? Like when I'm drunk 😝

  • @Anton Yes, you can enable and disable card at any time! In case you're drinking, make sure not to forget your PIN though as you will need it for blocking & unblocking ;)... (if you input it wrongly a few times your card will get blocked for several hours with no option to unblock).

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