P2P transfers.

  • Allow neat users to send money between each other through the app.

  • I would love to have this feature :)!

    We are working on this at the moment and we'll make sure it will be: free, real time and easy. You will only need the recipient's phone number and you will also be able to request money if you are the one that paid the bill. Anything else we should think about for the P2P feature?

  • This would be great. Especially because when eating out with a group not everyone has smaller bills or coins!

  • We're working hard on making this happen :) Let me give you a sneak peek:

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just released this feature on Android :)! We have sent all Android users an e-mail with some invite codes so you can try out the payments function with your friends. As always, let us know if you have any feedback.

    iOS is coming soon.

  • I haven't seen the Android implementation but some ways I'd like to see this implemented are:

    • Phone book integration so I can look up someone's name rather than type someone's phone number that I won't remember (maybe that's the "Select Contact" button in the screenshot!)
    • list itemChoose someone near me to transfer (e.g. bluetooth proximity) like Airdrop
    • list itemSocial media friends integration
      Basically anything that can abstract away from phone numbers

  • @hybridE4t thanks for the suggestions!

    We have a phone book integration so you can indeed see your contacts and simply search & tap. At the moment you see other Neat users and in the future you'll see all your contacts and if they're not on Neat you can invite them and still send them money to be claimed once they sign up.

    We haven't given much though yet to bluetooth but it is something we could do on more long term :).

  • @iris_neat Could I send them money even if they don't have an account then leave them to claim it? You could return it to me if unclaimed. I believe Monzo do this as a way of increasing customer acquisition. Onboarding by money claim is even faster than opening an account from scratch and means you have money ready to spend without topping up.

  • @hybridE4t Yes, that's what I meant, maybe not clear. In the first version you will only be able to see contacts that are also on Neat. In a later release you will be able to see any contact and you can send them money to be claimed, if not claimed will be returned!

  • @iris_neat i would prefer it to not show which contacts are on Neat (looks to me like a privacy issue. much more a fan of showing all contacts, and when you send money to them they'll get a text if they don't have an account, or a push notification if they do. DBS Singapore's PayLah! app does this really well

  • @tl2007 most users find it more convenient to have a list of their contacts as it's faster and easier, however, if you do not like this you can simply not allow access to contacts and if you want to send money to another user you can type out their full e-mail/phone number. We have not yet thought about making yourself "invisible" to other Neat users but we can think about it if it's a concern to many users.

    We are indeed developing something where you can see all of your contacts and then either send them money directly or if they are not no Neat, invite them. We will probably still show which users are on Neat and which ones you will have to invite, because it provides a better experience and even if we wouldn't show it explicitly, if you find out by tapping the name (it will either send directly or send an SMS) it would not really solve the privacy issue. Again, we will of course still allow you the option to search for users manually by typing their full number / email :).

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