ATM cash withdrawal (local & overseas)

  • How does cash withdrawal work?

    1.) The Neat card balance is in HKD, so how does overseas withdrawal work? If I'm in Japan, can I take out Japanese Yen? Or in the US, take out USD?

    2.) What kind of ATM can we use? Jetco? Or does it need to accept MasterCard? Also, do I choose "cash advance" option at the ATM?

  • 1). You will withdraw local currency. Also, not related to ATM but to overseas spending, always make sure when you are abroad and using the Neat card in a shop, if the cashier asks, make sure they charge you in local currency. That way, the MasterCard exchange rate will be used, which is a very competitive rate (market rate). If you say you want to be charged in HKD when you are overseas, the shop has some set exchange rates that are usually very bad.

    2). Any cash machine with MasterCard logo, Jetco machines have this as well.

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