Residence and Account

  • Do i get an bank account with the card where i can make transfers to? let my salary be paid to? even without hk residence nor id?

  • @HighCo Yes, there will be a bank account you can make transfers to or let salary be paid to, see more details below.

    Top up from HK:
    Top up from abroad:

    You do not need HK residence or HKID, but if you don't have an HKID we require you to take a photo of your passport in the app.

    At the moment we don't offer individual bank accounts to our users, whenever you make a transfer we require you to input your card number as a message so we can allocate the funds correctly.

    If using a message is not possible because for example your employer cannot do this or your bank doesn't offer this function, it's still not a problem but in that case please inform us at with all the details of the transfer. Especially if the transfer does not come from a bank account in your name it's important to inform us.

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