Refund notifications needed

  • I've noticed that when a merchant refunds a transaction back to my card, it simply disappears from the history, without any notice, instead of appearing in the transactions history with a negative balance.

    Right now when the merchant refunds me, I receive a cryptic message from GlobalCash saying that the money was "flushed" (apparently that means returned to my account), but since you were planning to get rid of SMS messages, it would be nice to have the refunds listed in the transaction history, or at least get a push notification about it.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely add push notifications. We are still determining what the best way is to show it in the app.

    FYI, if you for example return an item to a store and get a "real" refund it does show in the app, but we don't show failed transactions at the moment (as you mention it disappears), the same happens if a merchant authorizes (freezes) a small amount to check your card is valid (e.g. iTunes) but they never actually take the money. The frozen amount gets released after a while and in this case, at the moment, it also disappears.

  • Got it, thanks Iris. If the real refunds do show up in the history, that's enough for me. What I saw was probably the temporary holds.

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