Any chance to investigate why PayWave transactions fail occassionally?

  • I'm wondering if you have sufficient access to data via GlobalCash to investigate why PayWave transactions fail sometimes. I've only had it two times this week, at 7-Eleven and Wellcome. Most of the time the card works fine.

    I'm wondering if it's just a temporary glitch or I'm doing something wrong. There is sufficient balance on the card.

    For example, this morning (March 18) at 9:35am I've spent 50.50 HKD at Wellcome (card ending in -3006). I've got an SMS and a push notification, but the cashier told me the transaction failed. I paid cash and the money immediately returned to my Neat account.

  • Be sure the cashier knows it's a MasterCard, as they have to press something different vs. Visa card. This is what sometimes goes wrong. Could this have been the case?

    The other thing I've noticed myself is sometimes it seems if I tap too quickly or hold the card against the terminal before the cashier chose the payment method it doesn't always work but that's different (the light just turns red and it's not actually a failed transaction where I get the money returned etc.) and I just try again.

  • Probably that's what happened.

    At 7-Eleven I said "Visa" (thought they have to press the same button anyway).

    At Park'n'shop probably remove the card too quickly, because the PayWave reader interface was in Chinese.

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