After (re)install: clearer option to login for existing users

  • I had to uninstall/reinstall the app. After this, it was a bit confusing to me that upon reinstall, the app seems to tell you to sign-up, and I didn't instinctively find the option to login. This may be something you want to think about, as users may also install the app on new devices, etc.

    I'd suggest the first screen upon install could be something that is divided 50/50: "New users"/"I already have a Neat". Currently, the screen is 80% sign-up with only a login button top-right, and if you go into the sign-up screen, the only way to go to login is to press the X top left, which is also not the instinctive place I'd look for it.

    Hope this helps :)

  • @bao_hongkong Thanks for the suggestions :) We'll adjust the design to make it a bit clearer.

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