Copy Bank Details for transfers

  • Hello,

    I made my first experiences while I made some transfers to neat.

    I'm living in Germany and using for transfers services like Revolut, azimo or N26 but also my regular bank.

    Revolut and azimo are Services which I use via their Smartphone-App.

    At the moment it is not very comfortable to write the bank datas for neat down on a paper and then type it into the other app.

    Maybe it would be helpful if the Payment Details can be copied or sent per Mail or share it via instant messaging.

    This is also necessary for the card-number itself (see previous post from an other customer) .


  • This is a great idea! We will put this idea on our list and hopefully we can add these features in the future version of the APP. We will update you all once implemented.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, we are actually working on implementing this now :).

  • You could actually use your password manager's notes capability to do this for you ? If you are doing online banking you should definitely have one ;-)

  • You can now copy these details in our latest app version :)

  • What a great feature, thank you. Maybe you can make it also "shareable" via email

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