Monthly card expense statement

  • Another feature proposal, although maybe this is already covered (I've not been member that long): is it possible to receive/print/create a monthly statement, something that you could use for expense claims, etc?

  • We don't have this feature at the moment, but may build this as we are also getting more and more enquiries from freelancers or SME's that want to give cards to employees so for that we will definitely need to have some solution for statements and an ability for you to take a picture of a receipt and match it with an expense.

    If you need this right now for expensing, just send us a message, we're more than happy to provide a statement for you, though it's not an app feature or automatic yet.

  • Thanks Iris, I will contact you when I need a statement in the near future.

    " take a picture of a receipt and match it with an expense" this I don't fully get? Not sure your app would need to do that, that sounds like a task for my accountancy department. But for certain online purchases (skype credit online, air travel) I just have no proper receipt at all, and for those cases I'd like to have some statement, or even just an overview online (outside the app) would be great.

  • The picture of receipt was indeed not really something you mentioned above so may not be a requirement for you, it's just something we've heard from other people as something they'd like. For example for freelancers that must also keep all of their receipts and want to manage it more easily, or sometimes for employees too depending on the requirements of your company.

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