New onboarding flow

  • Based on your feedback we've made quite a few changes to the sign up process over the past weeks.

    These are the most important changes:

    • The issue where e-mails were not arriving, like during some of the beta launch events, has been resolved
    • We do not ask for proof of address anymore, just for shipping address to ship your card
    • In the passport step we now clearly explain why we need to see your passport and also provide information on data privacy and safe storage of your data.
    • We've removed the section where users have to "smile" to the camera to test whether you are human. Instead we now ask users to blink twice. From our initial testing, this seems to be much faster and work better.

    Overall this has reduced the time it takes to sign up significantly and will also prevent drop-off during the sign up process :)

    See how it works:

    We have already launched the re-vamped onboarding process on Android and will do so on iOS this week.

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