Budgeting features

  • An important part of our app are its budgeting functionalities. In the first version, this means when you pay with your Neat prepaid MasterCard, you will get a push notification, your transaction will show up in your transaction timeline and the expense is automatically categorized. You can also click a category to see all transactions in that category. In addition there are charts to show your spending per week, month and day. It is going to look something like this:




    The next step will likely be creating the ability to set budgets for different categories and easily seeing whether you're on track.

    What are your thoughts? Is there anything you'd like to change or add, any budgeting tools that you are currently using and like or dislike?

  • Budgeting would only work well for me if I was doing all my spending via Neat & you had visibility of my current account income and outgoings. We're a fair way off industry-wide API support but perhaps supporting statement upload or Yodlee-style scraping from other sources would do the trick?

    I would be willing to pay a monthly account fee for a budgeting app that had sight of all my money movements and was able to give me easy and useful insights, maybe chatbot supported etc. The sheer amount of information you'd gather on an individual would likely be monetisable to the extent that you wouldn't need a monthly fee afterall.

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