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  • Hi!

    I would be keen on an online newsletter (weekly or bi-weekly - maybe even monthly). Doesn't have to be something you put a lot of work in. Maybe things like (maybe this stuff can't be disclosed - I'm not sure):

    -) What category most Neat Users spend in
    -) Average number of seconds it takes to complete a paywave transaction
    -) What's in the works
    -) How many cups of coffee or tea you drink
    -) What other banks are doing
    -) Number of bugs squashed
    -) Traveling with Neat
    -) Online merchants
    -) Use your neat card to finally buy cinema tickets online (yay! No more in-front-of-the-screen seats)
    -) How to spread the Neat love
    -) Info for beta testers

    Any other ideas?

  • Good idea and I like your suggestions :).

    In addition I think it's also a good place to introduce (new) team members and get a glance into what life like is in Neat and what their role is all about. It's just interesting for users I'd say and perhaps it will also help us hire in the future.

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