Top Up - Deposit Slip photo

  • Hi!

    Currently the app allows a real time photo of the deposit slip.

    Any reason why there's no way to upload a photo from your photo library?


  • We do not currently support this as we feel it's more secure to only allow live photos. Is there any particular reason you'd like to have or need this option?

  • When I top up, I am never 100% sure the top up will happen - what if my transaction gets lost?
    So in any case I always keep a photo of the payment receipt.
    I might as well first take a photo with my phone, and then upload it.
    This is why, in my case, I would be happy to be able to upload a photo of the receipt - but it is not at the top of my request priorities.

    Similarly related to topup, but more important for me, would be a way to track that the topup will happen, for example:

    • an in-app list of top ups with status ( e.g.submitted, completed, etc)
    • a notification when the topup is completes and reaches my account balance.

  • yes yes yes to the above. Fully agree!

  • The first thing that we are doing (released this week) is show the user a confirmation screen after taking a picture of the receipt if we've successfully received the receipt + the time it takes for the top-up to reach the account, as we received many questions whether the receipt was received by us.

    In-app list of past cash top-ups (based on receipts) is something we are working on and will be done soon.

    We also want to show all top-ups once completed in the "income" tab of the app and send a notification, however for this is it's a bit more difficult to give an estimate of how long it will take. As you may know we are working with a partner that holds an HKMA SVF license. As the licensed partner, it means that they hold and handle our customer's funds and actually put the top up in your account. Currently they have not yet developed a system to tell us automatically and in real-time that it has been done which would be necessary for us to put in the app and send (real-time) notifications. It is something that is in progress but unfortunately cannot give an exact timeframe yet and it will take a while before this is ready.

  • whats the best topup method from malaysia?

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