Onboarding ID Upload - confusion

  • I've been sharing Neat with friends quite a bit, and observing people move through the onboarding process.

    Watching them get to the Passport upload section they get quite confused, often pulling out a Hong Kong ID, not noticing the green square for image alignment, and then wondering why it's on the wrong side. Once they figure this out they continue to try and line it up (usually by turning their HKID upside down) before giving up. Or they'll ask me for clarification on what they should use? It's only after I ask them what they think they should use that they re-examine and notice passport in the title.

    Suggestions, maybe provide an interstitial with more information on what's required - that you will need a passport. Also a more graceful fallback after a few fail messages might ask people to save their progress at that point, to be completed later when they have their passport on hand, maybe with an email reminder. I'm sure you're already looking at allowing HKID.

  • It's a good point, not yet sure how to solve the issue.

    We are actually putting in a welcome screen before starting onboarding so people know what they will need, but I know this may not be enough as we've seen most people don't really read instructions....

    I've also discussed this with our designer, who thinks even if we put some more visuals in the app showing a passport etc. some people will still assume HKID is also ok since it's a habit. So for now I think a pop-up after upload fails with some clear explanation would be best (though I would prefer an option where the user knows what to do before they do it wrong) + perhaps as you suggest making sure user knows we save their progress. Do you think/have you heard from users that at the moment they are not sure that we save progress? (we in fact do).

    And yes, we will allow HKID but this will still take quite a while.

  • Good news, we will very soon be ready to accept HKIDs :D We will keep you posted.

  • @iris_neat So, is there a timeline when HKID will be accepted? The website and online FAQ seems to refer you can use HKID but when i tried to sign up today, there is only the Passport Option.

    I'm much more comfortable with HKID than passport if possible.

  • Yes, since this week the app accepts HKIDs :)!

    We have just not marketed it so much yet, as we are still updating the app screens and text to reflect the change.

  • We've now updated all of our screens in the latest app versions and officially accept HKIDs.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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