• At the moment I have to choose between airmiles/points on my credit card or no rewards if I use the Neat card.

    If I could auto-topup (or direct charge) from a credit card that would solve both my major painpoints at once as I'd get frictionless spending on Neat and rewards for spending from my credit card(s). It would also stop me from spreading/diluting payments across different cards by concentrating and aggregating all spending via Neat thus making the transaction analytics significantly more insightful.

    As a future feature if I chose to give you my regular income and outgoing details you could even give me some fairly powerful money management (and cross-sell) recommendations.

  • We definitely realize rewards are very important to people (especially in HK), top-up from credit card is relatively easy for us to set up but unfortunately too expensive for now. We are definitely planning to have our own partnerships with merchants for, for example discount, rewards or cashback (could indeed be personal recommendations) but this is something that we can only do once we get to a certain number of users.

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