Tier 3 Upgrade Process

  • Hi all, I have a suggestion around the tier 3 upgrade process. Do not allow users to transfer money unless they have already completed the tier 3 upgrade. It feels like neat has stolen my money because I had an auto transfer linked, I completed one. There was no top up after several days. After inquiring, I was told to complete a tier 3 upgrade form. I did. I first inquired with support on the 13th of September. It is now the 18th of October. I have been told I cannot be returned the money, but have not received any updates in terms of the progress of the transfer. I am unsure if the money will ever be credited to my Cit account, credited to my neat account, or it has been stolen. Up until the tier 3 upgrade process the service worked perfectly but I strongly discourage users from using it beyond the standard limit.

  • Hi John. Cannot agree more, it is not recommended to send more money than your tier limits allow :( I am very sorry for this issue but we have no way to know in advance what will be your balance on the day the payment arrives so we cannot forbid sending any amount.
    As for the T3 upgrade, it is incredibly long time, and I am so sorry for this. We are now trying to find out what happened. I apologize for the inconvenience. You will definitely get your money as soon as we fix the issue with the upgrade.

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