Traveling with the Neat Card

  • It seems like our users love to travel :airplane:

    We would love to know what we can do to make the Neat card more useful for traveling.

    How do you currently manage your payments while traveling? Do you usually pay by card, withdraw money, exchange cash etc.

    Are you happy with the current methods or find there are any issues? Anything you'd like to see?

    Currently the Neat Card gives one of the best rates in HK: MasterCard exchange rate (market rate) + 1.5%, but of course there is always more we can work on!

  • Usually will take out a bit of cash out at airport.

    I've found that at the airport (like in Vietnam or Thailand) there is a row of ATMs, each with different fees. Consequently I'll spend about five minutes trying out all the ATMs to see which one has the lowest fee.

    My credit union from the USA eats the fees abroad so I'll often try and use that if I can at ATMs.

    However, when I can use a card for payment I'll use one with no foreign transaction fees (Unionpay mostly).

  • It would be great to have a Multi-Currency-Card (HKD, EUR, USD, GBP) and you can have money on every currency. Similar to Revolut.

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