With the introduction of Fast Payment System in HK, any upcoming changes on Neat side?

  • It would be great if we can do instant top-up, and with just a cell phone!

    So is it something we can expect? :D

  • Yes, would be good to see this for NEAT Biz as well. Not that FPS is in place, transactions between bank accs are free and fast. I'm considering switching back to conventional banks if it means I can make savings on transactions.

  • Yes, @nadia_neat - I know you can't say much, but should we expect FPS top-up support within the next few weeks or is it unlikely?

  • The instant top-ups for personal cards will not happen soon, I am sorry. For business accounts, FPS is working as far as I can see. First days with FPS were hell for personal top-ups, but just today it got better and I hope it will be back to normal in a couple of days!

  • @nadia_neat Hi Nadia, how do you mean for biz accounts FPS is working? Will this function extend to inter-bank transfers so that it is instant and free?

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