Transfer from my Revolut app to Neat app

  • Hi all

    A long time ago, I downloaded the Revolut app and topped it up with 40 euros, just to experiment with it. I even got the card for it. Problem is that the card could not be activated as I was no longer a European resident, and had left Europe. So the 40 euros got stuck in the Revolut account, with no means to withdraw it by card (but by in-app bank transfer).

    Would it be possible to send money from this Revolut app to my Neat app? Much like Neat, Revolut is not a bank itself (if I understand correctly). It has partnered with another bank, and by itself offers a card and a wallet that can be topped up. So if a transfer happens from my Revolut app to Neat, my name might not show up - preventing the topping up?

    I am guessing the only way to make this possible would be to inform you all in advance?


  • I transfered HKD I had on Revolut to Neat by Wiretransfer, it took less than a week to arrive.

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