Linking Neat card to Paypal ?

  • I have a Thailand based Paypal account that I am trying to link to my Neat prepaid card, but when I attempt this I get an error message stating that the card is not accepted and that I should use a different card. Could this just be that there is no balance in the card, or is there a problem with linking a Thai Paypal account to the card? Has anyone experience with this?

  • @Traveller to be able to link the card to PayPal, you have to have balance on the card.
    We do not have enough information about Thai PayPal, but some of our customers successfully linked the cards to other non-Hong Kong PayPal accounts. So in your case I would start with topping up the card, and if it doesn't work, I would ask PayPal customer support if they accept non-Thai cards for Thai accounts.

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