Unauthorised transaction

  • I notice an unauthorised transaction on my neat's credit card yesterday, and I raise that issue straight away to the support and was told there is nothing Neat can do to stop that transaction.

    Is that true? If so then there is no consumer protection at all if you use Neat credit card.

  • Yes , there is no protection at all . You can lock your card but if there is fraud , you are not protected and usually u have to pay a fee to them for investigation.

  • @tank we have the standard Mastercard protection: first, the customer needs to contact the merchant, it solves the problem in 90% of cases because no merchant wants a chargeback. Then, if merchant did not help, they need to contact the police. With the police report we can claim an official chargeback with Mastercard. Unfortunately our services provider has a chargeback fee, as another person in this thread said. There is never any guarantee that Mastercard will accept the chargebck and give the money back, sometimes they do it, sometimes not, same with Visa.

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