Signing up mobile carrier with Neat card.

  • Most mobile carrier (3HK, Smart-Tone, CSL, etc) requires you to sign up their plans with a credit card. Is it possible to use Neat to sign up, and if so, how much money do I have to have in my Neat account?

  • Has anyone actually tried it? Thanks.

  • Sorry for the delay. At least one of our customers tried it recently and it worked for them. You need to have enough money for the initial payment.

  • I did sign up for smartone, and they were really curious about the card.

    The thing is, they wouldn't generally accept debit cards, but debit cards are so rare in Hong Kong that they wouldn't bother to check. You can claim ignorance and maintain that it's a credit card (although the card terminal will still show it's a debit card - if they care to check).

    In the end, because I didn't have money on the Neat card, they are no longer trying to charge my Neat card and I'm paying my phone bill manually whenever I want, which is neat.

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