notification when transactions are modified to add e.g. a tip

  • Some bills allow us to leave a tip.
    However then the credit card is first charged, it is charged without the tip amount - because the card is processed before the bill with the tip option is produced.

    The tip amount is added later, and I am never notified of when it does, and how much is added - the amount I wrote or a different amount.

    In another scenario, if I add no tip and forget to strike a line instead of the tip amount, I am never sure whether someone will write some number there and a tip will be added, perhaps a large amount.

    So my feature request is to have a way to be notified, when a previous transaction is modified to add a tip.

    For reference see below two screenshots, one with a transaction before the tip (Bom Cusine, HK$ 361) and one after the tip (HK$ 391, that I checked a few days later). This went properly, and the right tip was added, but I had to remember to verify it myself.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. What would be your preferred way to be notified of the different amount charged after a tip (or another charge) was added?

  • I think that if such tip is processed later, it should show as a separate line in the transactions, and on the date it was actually processed (the same for any other change to an amount).

    A notification would be good; I think a message in the app would be nice, but maybe for people who always tip, this could be a lot of messages to click away?

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