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  • Hi,

    Like one month ago I attended a conference in HK by the Neat CEO. I was impressed and wanted to open a business account with you. I was told that if I signed up right there, in the conference, I would not be in the waiting list and could get an account the day after.

    I did the application and well... I'm still waiting.

    I would be grateful to know what is the state of that application or those application that were done that day.

    Thank you.

  • Hi there, we sent the event attendees a link to sign up by email the day after, did you sign up using that link or did you sign up on our general website for the waiting list? If you signed up using the special link provided please email us the name of your company at Normally processing the application only takes around a week. If it’s been a month, it probably means we are missing some documents or other information from your side. If you did not sign up using the special link and only signed up for the waiting list, please send us an email too so we can send you the link and you can complete the full registration.

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