Sign up process - improvements

  • We've gone through all the feedback you wrote in the surveys, this was very helpful for us! A quick update on what we're working on and are going to improve:

    E-mail confirmation

    • Many people did not get their confirmation e-mail when signing up at the same time. This has been fixed now :)

    SMS confirmation

    • The hotline number will be removed as it's confusing.


    • We have added a pop up with an explanation about our privacy policy as well as secure storage of your personal information.

    Face verification (selfie)

    • There were some issues with the bar not filling up - because of not seeing the instructions to smile or seeing it but it still didn't work - and some users had problems with their face not matching the passport photo. We're changing this to "blinking" instead of smiling and are working on making it more smooth


    • Keyboard (iOS) is hiding the continue buttons.

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