Auto topup fail

  • The Starbucks HK app currently has a promo on auto-topups from a Mastercard. Overjoyed to have found a use-case for my neat card and decided I'd give it a whirl.

    My customer journey:

    1. Added my neat card within the Starbucks app... success!
    2. Opened the neat app, went to auto topup and realised it only supports bank accounts, not cards
    3. Went to topup manually from a card. It couldn't do a camera scan of my card details so input them manually
    4. Went to topup $200 and saw I was about to be charged approx $9 for doing this... ouch
    5. Decided instead to go down the route of auto topup from a bank account. Added my various details. Confirmed then received error NeatHK.WSError error 1

    Safe to say I gave up at this point.

    Struggling to think of why I'd pay fees to topup from a credit card when I could just buy things with the credit card directly (and receive the associated benefits of points and rewards).

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