Beneficial Ownership of the Neat segregated account

  • My British Pension Service says they are unable to pay into my segregated Neat account because I am not the beneficiary. This is true, however am I not the beneficial owner in legal terms ? If so, would you encourage me to file a complaint ?

  • Here is the answer I received from ePaylinks :
    ePaylinks does not have remittance channel (ie. SWIFT) to receive any funds from third party, therefore, all top up fund must be transferred into the pool account of ePaylinks before entering into the accounts of cardholders.
    The way of direct fund transfer into accounts are by the way of P2P payment transfer from 2 different accounts by cardholder

  • Hi there, since the segregated bank account we safely store your funds in is not in your own name, some services won't be able to let you use this. We have already created a setup that allows giving everyone their own account number in their own name, that we are currently using for our business product and we are also planning to move our personal product to this system over the next months.

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