Enhancement Request for Registration Flow

  • The account registration process has been nicely designed, and I saw most of the users can finish it within minutes. However, there are still a few tiny issues on the user interface that would potentially make user frustrated, and your team could do a little bit better on these issues.

    For instance, when it comes to let the user to input his legal address, the app prompts user for giving permission to access the camera. There is no clue about why the camera should be turned on according to the context. But only afterwards the user would understand the camera is used for scanning the proof of address at the third step.

    The second issue. After entering all the details of residential address, the "Next" button does not bind to the "Continue" action. And in fact the "Continue" button is covered by the keyboard, so it is invisible to the user while he is inputing texts. As I pressed the "Next" button for times but the app is not responding, I thought the app hanged or likely the network was down.

    Similarly, this "return" button on the system keyboard does not link to any action.

  • Thanks for the feedback :). Wasn't aware of the camera issue so thanks for pointing it out we could definitely add it at a later point.

    As for the keyboard, we're aware of this issue and we've had several users comment on it. In addition to making the buttons work properly I think we will also add a "next" button on the top right of the screen so it is easier to continue and you don't have to 'get out' of the keyboard.

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