Neat App Crashed on Iphone7 ver 11.2.2

  • Neat app crashed on iOS ver 11.2.2. Yesterday I installed Neat mobile app on iphone7 and what's the happen with me.

    • I must to wait 2 hours laters for get a verify passcode by SMS (feeling bad).
    • App crashed at your shipping address step after I touched on button "Continue".

    So I can't login in Neat app until now, you know the worst thing here from your product team, QC who didn't test carefully at login flow. 2nd thing your design for email template is not good with UI. Please improve it a.s.a.p

    Register & Login flow is the most important in a mobile app. Do you know what i mean.


  • Thanks for your feedback :). We do know there are some issues with receiving SMS'es outside of Hong Kong. We are working with our card issuer to improve this. We will be fixing the bug on the shipping address, I believe our support has already helped you.

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