Verifying card with an online merchant - need to see the transaction "description"

  • I am trying to use the Neat card with an online service which requires card verification. They say I need to find a code on my credit card statement, but I can't see it in my Neat app. Here are their instructions:

    Steps to complete the verification of your card

    1. Retrieve your secure code (4-digit code) from the description field of your credit card statement. It will appear as:

    In the Neat app, the transaction is showing simply as LEUPAY.EU. I downloaded the statement from Neat app, but it also doesn't have the Description field.

    Perhaps in the future you can add this as a new column in the Excel statement. Cheers.

  • Hello Anton. This is very strange as for PayPal you can see this code in the transaction history, no need to download a statement at all. Can you please write in the chat in the app and I will try to look what we see on our end for your transaction?

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