Registration code in morocco

  • Hey i have been trying to create a neat account but i don't receive the registration code in my phone i have tried multiple times so i think this may be a problem
    and i would like also to say that i was looking to neat some time ago (waiting for the business accounts ) even that i couldn't sign up for the beta because i still didn't lunch the corporation process yet but in that time i have been seeing that neat is the best option for me and i would like to try the individual account in the mean while so keep up the good work guys !

  • @Youssef-k Hello, thank you for your support and comment! At the same time, please accept my apology about your registration experience. If you can kindly contact us ( during Hong Kong business hours, we can try to verify for you manually as a short term solution. We know this is not ideal but we are looking into the registration code issue, trying to fix it.

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