transferwise & dposit times.

  • I liked the onboarding process, very quick and easy.

    The card arrived in Europe nicely.

    Now I want to fund the card, This has been a painful experience with TransferWise:

    4-11-2017 23:45:
    We received your deposit for transfer #{number}
    6-11-2017 15:19:
    About your payment to epaylinks technology co limited. We currently require some extra details from you due to regulatory reasons. This is to ensure that TransferWise is safe and secure for all of our customers.

    We kindly ask you to provide payment reason for payment to epaylinks technology co limited.

    Please note that your funds are on hold until we have received requested information from you.
    6-11-2017 15:52: (my reply)
    The transfer has a reference. (more detail: to fund my neat card).

    Recipient details

    epaylinks technology co limited
    Reference {number}
    7-11-2017 11:30:
    Please clarify what does the number in reference of the transfer stand for and what kind of card are you purchasing?
    8-11-2017 8:07:
    Thank you for your reply. Your payment has now been resumed.
    8-11-2017 12:38:
    xxx.xx HKD is on its way to epaylinks technology co limited. The money should be in their bank account by November 10.

    Sorry that took a little longer than expected. We needed more time to pay out your money.

    Here’s a summary of that transfer. And if you need a proper receipt, you can download it from your TransferWise account.

    Transfer details

    xxx.xx HKD
    TransferWise fee:
    x EUR

    As of 17 November my Neat Card/Account has not been credited.


  • Hi Alex,

    I’m sorry about your experience, generally, for issues relating to your specific account it is better to contact us directly through our in-app chat or email (

    Then about your problem, please let us know the amount (in email / chat) you are expecting and we can confirm whether we have received it.

    We receive many transfers from TransferWise and the best thing to do is, when you send a transfer you can fill out a beneficiary email address ( in TransferWise and we will get a receipt from them so we can keep track. Besides the receipt or the customer informing us, there is no way we can match the transfer to your account. References left in the TranserWise system do not arrive and on our end each transfer looks the same.

    In the long term we will solve these issues by providing every customer with their own bank account number, but for now please inform us or fill out our email in TransferWise.

  • sent an email to, hope you can trace the payment. Tnx.

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