• After using the account for a couple of days I loathe to believe/admit that I've spent 100% on food & drink !!?? Whilst its very possible :) , it would be cool to also have groceries as a category (city super IFC, fusion is currently set as food and drink). I have not made that many transactions yet, but maybe there could be a differentiation between bars, restaurants and groceries perhaps? It would also be cool to have a function where you could change the categorisation if it has not been categorised correctly!

  • @cshk ...agree, grouping seems very broad. I agree the MCC ( classification is too granular, but maybe we a tradeoff can be found?
    Hoping to hear proposals from the team...

  • At the moment we are planning to change the food & drinks categories as this seems to be the category that most of our users see a lot of transactions in and want something more granular.

    Supermarkets & conveniences stores (like 7/11) are going to be categorized as groceries and restaurants will be categorized as eating out. We may categorize bars separately, but we need to check how accurate it will be as it can be difficult to distinguish between bars & restaurants.

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