Problems with Paypal

  • I linked my Neat card to my Paypal account. I got some money deducted from my account, I verified my card in Paypal and got the money back. All seemed to go smoothly. Then I tried to use my Paypal account to make a payment and I was asked to enter my card information, like I had no cards linked. Then I tried in a few more places and got the same message everywhere.

    After a few days getting that message I removed my card from paypal and entered it again. This time I didn't get any money deducted from my account and Paypal simply seems to be ignoring my card.

    Any thoughts on what could be happening?

    I have used the card information alone, without Paypal, to pay online and have had no problem so far, but Paypal is much more convenient and I would like to be able to use it.


  • For questions regarding your specific account it's better to contact our support team at or through our in-app chat.

    In general, if you login to PayPal and you see your card there and it shows as confirmed then the card linking has been successful. There are some online stores, that use PayPal as their payment processor but will always ask you to fill out your card details as they do not accept every type of card, I think this is most likely the case, but it'd be best to check with the store on this (or you can let us know which store perhaps we already know).

  • Thanks for the reply, I’ll contact support in private if I have the same problem again. One of the stores I had that problem with was iHerb.

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